Dealership Inventory & Stock Management

Easy to use tools, connected with accurate data sources, designed to simplify your inventory/stock management - with fixed and reasonable pricing!

Accurate Data & Taxonomy

Retrieve detailed vehicle information by registration/VRM, or browse through manufacturer, model, generation and trim to retrieve vehicle information by derivative.

Save time with our number plate recognition technology to identify the VRM in seconds.

DealerDesk - Car Dealership Inventory & Stock Management Software - Vehicle Data and Taxonomy

Automatic Factory Fit Detection

Select optional extras and add custom extras with ease, quickly view standard features, and instantly calculate the total selected optional extras cost.

Eliminate errors with automatic factory fit detection with selected manufacturers.

DealerDesk - Car Dealership Software - Optional Extras and Factory Fit Detection

Simple Photo & Video Uploads

Upload photos in seconds, with automatic resizing, rotation and branding, then order them with ease using our seamless drag-and-drop features. Add custom ribbons and banners, and easily adjust, crop and edit your photos using the in-built image editor.

Add videos for hosting on our dedicated media servers, embed YouTube videos, and add library images with ease.

DealerDesk - Car Dealership Stock Management System - Car Photo & Video Uploads

Integrated Valuations & Metrics

Save time with integrated valuations and AutoTrader Metrics, shown alongside your website and sales channel (marketplace) prices to help you price your stock accurately and quickly.

Full VAT and margin scheme support ensures you invoice correctly.

DealerDesk - Car Dealership Inventory & Stock Management Platform - Vehicle Valuations & AutoTrader Metrics

Compare Competitors

Price competitively by analysing competitor AutoTrader adverts, ensuring you find your perfect price point.

DealerDesk - Car Dealership Inventory & Stock Management Software - AutoTrader Competitors

Vehicle Background & History

Automatic background checks flag any warnings automatically, optionally retrieve a full background check to dive deeper into a vehicle's history.

Verify a vehicle's identity quickly, then dig deeper into its MOT and finance history for peace of mind.

DealerDesk - Car Dealer Software - Vehicle Background & Providence Checks

Marketplace & AutoTrader API Integration

Publish to your website, AutoTrader, Facebook Marketplace, eBay, & Gumtree all at once!

No more waiting hours for feeds, our comprehensive AutoTrader API integration allows you to publish new stock and changes to AutoTrader instantly!

Need another marketplace? We're ready to rapidly create new stock feeds for other marketplaces!

DealerDesk - Car Dealership Manager - Marketplace & AutoTrader Integration

Silent Salesman

Generate silent salesman sheets in seconds with customisable vehicle highlights and content.

Utilise short-links and QR codes to direct customers to your website with usage tracking to help you identify if customers are looking at your silent salesman when your showroom is closed.

Optionally hide prices to guide customers to your website to retrieve current vehicle prices.

DealerDesk - Car Dealer Inventory Software - Silent Salesman Sheet

Image Templates

Create eye-catching templates to quickly add repetitive call-to-action images to your vehicle image galleries on your website and sales channels/marketplaces.

Automatically generated and updated representative finance examples help you share up-to-date finance examples with ease.

DealerDesk - Car Dealership Management Software - Image Templates & Representative Finance Examples

Analyse Prospective Purchases

Analyse up to 1000 vehicles simultaneously to retrieve valuations, sales metrics, estimated profit and return on investment, and much more.

Import popular auction catalogues, then filter and organise results to identify the best prospective purchases in seconds.

DealerDesk - Car Dealer Vehicle Analysis Software - Vehicle Analyser