Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

Yes, all our membership plans include a 30-day free trial. No payment details are required to get started, they will be requested towards the end of your free trial.

We accept all major credit/debit cards. Payments are processed securely with Stripe, our trusted payment services provider.

Yes of course, we're a new and small company so we haven't published our phone number yet, please send us a callback request via our contact form and we'll be in touch as soon as possible.

Alternatively, please request a demo to schedule a video call to show you the DealerDesk platform in detail, discuss your business requirements, and answer any questions you may have.

Absolutely not! DealerDesk is designed to give those with technical experience the options they expect, whilst still being useable by those who don't have technical experience.

We provide comprehensive support and are always on-hand to assist you!

Platform Questions

Typical web hosting uses a single web server (computer) to store and serve your website, if that server has a problem, or simply needs to be taken offline for maintenance, then your website will go offline.

High availability web hosting uses at least two web servers to ensure one will continue to serve your website if the other becomes unavailable.

We currently maintain no less than 9 web servers to help ensure your website, and the DealerDesk system, never go offline!

Yes, all data, images and videos (including your vehicle, customer & sales records) stored in the DealerDesk system are backed up using multiple methods to ensure your data is safe should we suffer a minor mishap or a catastrophic failure.

All data is originally stored on at least two independent web servers, and these servers are routinely backed up each day using two independent backup systems. Our databases also employ point-in-time backups, allowing us to restore to specific points in time - rather than simple hourly or daily backups.

To complement this setup, we also transfer our AES (military-grade) encrypted backups to our geographically strategic and highly secure backup server in Singapore, providing total protection should a catastrophic event affect our UK-based data centre.

And because we utilise the best cloud-based hosting services, we can restore from any of these backup systems to new servers in no less than 3 different continents and 7 different countries, should the need arise.

Yes! If you would like us to integrate with a different marketplace please contact us. We can develop new data feeds and API integrations very quickly and are ready to do so upon request at no additional cost.

An application programming interface (API) is a piece of computer software that is designed to be used by other computer software. For example, rather than having a pretty form asking a human for their contact details, an API would simply accept the contact details as an input, and rather than saying 'thank you' it may simply display a '1' to confirm the data was accepted. API's provide a fast and efficient way for computer systems to reliably exchange data, without the complexity of having to use an interface (such as a form) that is designed for a human. In the case of the AutoTrader API for example, this allows the DealerDesk system to manage your stock with AutoTrader, without needing to log-in to the AutoTrader Portal.

Of course! The DealerDesk platform is fully GDPR and data protection compliant, and we are registered with the ICO (registration number ZB073696).

However, please keep in mind when using the platform that you must respect customer data. Customers consent to replies to their enquiries, but they do not currently consent to further marketing communications. If you would like to request marketing consent, please contact us.

How could we forget cookie law with the constant nagging consent forms?

We didn't, and the DealerDesk platform is fully compliant. By default, your website provided by DealerDesk does not utilise non-functional cookies and therefore cookie consent is not required. However, your website will continue to request consent in preparation to accommodate your own analytics and tracking codes, should they be required.

The 'Vehicles For Sale' platform limit defines how many vehicles you may publish for sale at one time. You can add unlimited vehicles under all our plans, however for example the Growth plan will only allow you to publish 50 of those vehicles for sale at one time - if you have 50 vehicles published for sale and sell one, you can then immediately list another vehicle for sale. The platform limit does not limit how many vehicles you can sell or how often you publish/unpublish vehicles, simply how many can be published simultaneously.

Automatic factory fit detection, allowing us to determine which optional extras were fitted to a vehicle at the point of manufacture, is currently available for BMW and MINI vehicles, with further manufacturers expected in the new few months. This data is available for BMW and MINI vehicles manufactured in the past 15 years, with data also available for many older vehicles.